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Truth and Revelations

--i'll bring you back no matter what--

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About me:
EijiCute/DreamHunter019 is my net name or just Ria ---> pretty easy to remember ei? My real name? Nah~ that's for you to discover, unless you'll ask me personally.

First of all, welcome to my little world here, a journal as you might call it.

Please feel free to scan it, just bribe me with a little yet recognizable respect and that will do as payment.

I'm not a great person, just a simple girl with great dreams. If you'll ask me what's good about me... please wait for an hour or so and have my silence as my answer.

Fave quote? I'm not a snob... you're just insignificant. And if that gives a damn about my personality, yaaay... less work for me, no?

Anyways... I think I'm open minded... so, there!

Latest what?

Fandom/News of course!

Lately, I've been satisfied drawing my limited imagination out and as you can see, I'm failing horribly. T__T anyway, my point is, I love drawing.

JMusic, JRock, and JPop have taken over my life. I've been into visual kei but not entirely, well... just a bit. SID, Ikimono Gakari, Asian KungFu Generations, Aqua Times, Nightmare and Orange Range are my favorites. I don't really care what kind of music I listen to, as long as it is nice for the ears, I will like it.

Anime won't be out of list of course. Currently, I'm more into the Sasuke and Naruto pairing rather than the whole anime itself. If you'll as me why, then maybe my weirdness could satisfy your qualm. Now if you'll ask me if I'm into yaoi... well... I don't know. Maybe? I'm fine with shounen ai and I sometimes indulge myself to the yaoi fandom... so I guess its a yes.

Yuri is a no. Just a no.


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Made on the 10th day of June, Year 2010

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